Revolt Industry

Stainless Mist Sprayer

Color: black
We know that 2020 is different. We took protection a step further by including leather. The concept took off from keeping the perfect hygine in a small bottle. Place the stainless bottle inside the carrier, hook it on your belt loop, or store it inside your bag. Stay clean, convenient & protected.

Specifications :
-Stainless mist bottle
-Liquid can be replaced according to your needs
-Do not insert gel substances
-Durable, convenient & on the go

Materials :
-Refillable stainless mist bottle
-Full Grain Vegetable Tanned leather
-Mill (Drum) Dyed
-Air Dried
-Rounded Waxed Thread
-Handmade in small batch

Dimensions :
6 cm x 4 cm x 10,5cm

Kind note: due to shipping regulations, our bottle does not contain any liquid.
Please fill in your own choice of liquid inside the bottle.
Color: black

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