Revolt Industry

Card Holder I - Coffee Brown

IDR 420.000
During the designing process of Card Holder I, we dipped our toes deep into the "Golden Ratio". We aimed for a balanced and organic shape that will compliment the composition as a whole. It started with only rough sketches of shapes that merged into one final design. We gave it an inner puller strap for swifty quick access. Prefect companion for someone who brings more cards than bills.

- 1 card compartment
- 2 card slots
- Unisex design
- Hand-burnished edges
- 100% leather without lining
- Handmade & handsewn
- Lifetime warranty on workmanship

- Full Grain Vegetable Tanned leather
- Mill (Drum) Dyed
- Air Dried
- Rounded Waxed Thread
- Nylon Webbing  Puller

- 7.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 1 cm

- 45 gram

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