Revolt Industry uses Javanese cowhides as it has long been known for its extreme durability and distinctive grains. We mainly use vegetable tanned leather to ensure the durability of our handcrafted leather goods and to get the beautiful earthy tones it creates. We work closely with local supplier and small entities. All of our products are mainly made from full grain leather sourced from local tanneries.

All of our products are hand-made. When we say hand-made, we don’t mess around. From cutting, hand-sewing, up to finishing, everything is done by the hands of our crafter. We take pride and genuine care to all of our products.

We produce everything in-house, all are done by leather-artisan with high production capacity. As a growing family of more than 50 members from office to production, our workshop is filled with youthful energy and genuine love towards the work that we do.