Our Custom Design order invites you to create any various customized design leather goods. From small to big items, you are welcome to design and choose any preferable design, color, stitching, details, and personalization. Click here to discuss your custom design request and click here to see our custom design gallery

  1. Custom Order Discussion
    Discuss with us your wild idea regarding your preferred custom goods. Share us an additional reference picture, preferred dimension, color, personalization, and other small details that you would like to have on your item.

  2. Price Discussion
    Price may variate due to difficulties, construction complexity and any additional service.

  3. Down Payment
    You will need to do a full payment or 50% payment in advance before we start working on your custom design order.

  4. Sketch Preview
    We will send you a sketch preview of your custom design order. You will be able to do maximum 2x minor revision during this process. The sketch preview stage normally takes 7 days.

  5. Full Payment
    After sketch preview is approved, you will need to pay full amount of the price agreed on.

  6. Goods Production
    After full payment has been made, we will start working on your custom design order. Please note that for the production any custom design order takes minimum 15 working days. Our custom design team will communicate to you further on the process of your item.

  7. Goods Delivery
    Our custom design order customer service team will let you know once the item is done. You can choose which delivery method best suits you. Do not forget to share and tag us via your social media platform.