Based in Surabaya, Revolt Industry is a group of Indonesian youths and artisans providing handcrafted, distinctively designed leather goods.

Ever since 2014, with full commitment we have been expressing our boldness and progressive notion through every one of our handcrafted leather goods and campaigns. Our leather goods are bought not only for the quality of the products, but also for the value the goods stand for.
Through careful consideration of materials and design, meticulous handmade process, bold story and a strong cause – we intend to reach a broader audience for our industrious revolt.

We believe that every single person needs to have their own uniqueness living their individuality. Here in Revolt, we aim for our product to be the perfect companion for those life rebels.

We are committed to learn, to act, to take risks and not to remain comfortably in silence about issues that would hinder us from a better tomorrow.

Our motto, #breakingboundaries, has been a steep core to our values and beliefs as a brand.