June 2021 was the highlight of 21+ event at KDSR #21.

21+ is a collaborative private event held together by 3 entities of KDSR #21. Revolt Industry, @41stripclub , and @kontenu turned their humble home to a one day private event held in Wednesday, 23rd of June 2021. The event houses cornucopia of good companies, art installations, food and drinks, product launches from Revolt Industry and Kontenu in a cozy place.

Revolt Industry celebrates its 7th anniversary together with the offline launch of their new logo and limited edition anniversary products, 41 Strip Club held its grand opening celebration after postponing for almost a year, and Kontenu celebrates the release of their website and launch of mini collection.

The night was filled with good companion of closest friends who has been a great support and friend to all three entities. The house was packed, bellies full, everyone had a great time with faces new and old leaving chuffed and stuffed.

Special thanks to one of our collaborator @impossible_lab for taking part of the event with their analogue cameras, capturing sweet unforgettable moments from day through night with the photos printed live on the spot.