What does it mean to celebrate Women's Day for Revolt Industry and us?

Every soul in life seeks the purpose of life. The thing is, we often let others tell us what our life should be, or -even worse- about how we should do it. Women, especially in our intense-conventional-cultured nation, mostly faced bigger trial of independently having and defining their own "success" in life.

Talking about gender is somehow something new or even strange for us, especially in Indonesia. Not many people realize that gender actually brings lots of pressure in life. Gender equal to social judgement, unfair perception, rights intervention, or even harsher: life-limitations.

Not many people understands the hardship of living a life in any kind of societal limitation categorized by gender. All of us seems to be categorized by them; trans, non-binary, men and women. We are always judged by who we are, by our gender-like or sex. Wherever you are in any part of the world, our society already shaped an idea, dictates how a person should act, and everyone has stigma based on your gender. Hate to say it; but gender still matters. It plays a big role in any of our everyday life. We should critically consider this kind of gender-gap as a serious problem.

Being powerful doesn't mean you have to be strong; able to endure pain is actually very powerful. Being independent doesn't always mean to have a good career; we found out lots of those having financial problems are those who are very independent. Being an ultimate-achiever isn't always determined by old-school-value of success and good impressions from others; keep trying hard after a breakdown is one of the greatest achievement we always do. And for women, being established and complete doesn't always measured by being good wife and woman as the world dictates; having your own inner peace pursuing whatever you want and confidence is actually the absolute completion.

Start from our own backyard: start respecting your own selves thus it should be easier to respect each other. We should celebrate the International Women's Day as an outcry for us to develop ourselves and respect diversity.

For most of us, living and pursuing a fulfilled life is indeed hard. For most women, the challenge is multiplied by all kinds of societal judgements and limitations. Women live in a very judgmental society and having this kind of “non-fertile” life-environment won’t ease them to pursue a fulfilled life.

Do you realize that we use different words to associate different genders? Women are often expected to be related to these words: beautiful, kind, compassionate. While men are strong, provider, powerful, and honest. Throughout history: men are labelled as strong, and women are caring. Why can’t both genders be both?

When you see it like that, its definitely hard to breath another perspective. Take a step back and see it from a different angle: see the fact that she’s a leader, a powerful partner at work, diligent and passionate. Try to have this non-gender-biased perspective.

Ditch the old-fashioned thinking where women should only do household chores, gives off-springs to extend an empire – everyone should see women more than that. All women are powerful. A powerful women are those who knows what she wants, confident and resourceful enough to live their life.

The strongest woman is the one who is an un-tilt-able mountain. They won’t be dragged down by anything bad life throws at them. They’ll see obstacles and troubles as opportunity for them to grow and cherish.

They’ll make hardships as aspiring acts and facts for their own development. They are competent individuals who know their own mind and ready to solve their problems. And ultimately, they’ll help others to be the same.

Start from our own backyard: start respecting your own selves thus it should be easier to respect each other, whatever your gender is. We should celebrate the International Women’s Day as an outcry for us to continuously develop ourselves and respect diversity this way.

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Written & Edited by Juanita Inez P & Stephen Firmawan Panghegar
Graphic Design by Francisca Danna