Revolt in Persona - M. Aldy Dharmawan

This October 2020 for #RevoltinPersona meet Muhammad Aldy Dharmawan – a humble 27 years-old guy with a huge passion in the world of sports and a big thirst in the world of BBQ & grill.

Founder of @uppergroundmma in Surabaya, Aldy dipped his toes in the sea of sports since elementary school. Trying numerous sports from badminton, basketball, body building, boxing, Olympic lifting and CrossFit before finally setting his mind to go pro on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In 2018, Aldy set on his first international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in Malaysia. A year later in 2019, he joined Indonesia’s national team for Abu Dhabi International Pro Jujitsu championship in Korea. 2019 was also the year where Aldy was appointed into the selection of Indonesia’s national team for SEA Games Philippines. “I dreamed of winning gold medal for Indonesia” Aldy tells us during the interview. “It felt like it was my calling when I joined Indonesia’s national team.”

Aldy was musing on what he’d like to bring more into his life, resulting in his love and passion for meat and poultry. Not long ago, Aldy and his soon to be wife Quincy started @41stripclub a very humble, homemade rustic steaks specialized in smoking technique. “The business grew from a simple reason: my love for meat. I wanted to save money on my meal expense, so I tried cooking them myself.” Aldy counters.

Seeking critical knowledge online via YouTube and endless trial and error for months, self-taught Aldy first tried smoking meat with clay flower pot and bricks. “I’ve had times where my cooking was a total fail. Not worth eating. At all.”

Commuting between Upperground MMA and 41 Strip Club, his next goal is to open a small place where people can have a good time with BBQ, bar, and coffee shop. What about Jiu-Jitsu? “For as long as I can move my body, I will never stop Jiu-Jitsu.”

Written by Juanita Inez
Photo by Agung D.K.
Graphic design by Burhan Poetra