Revolt in Persona - Arnaz Disaster

To what extent does tattoo shape your opinion of someone? Everyone just wants to look good in their skin; same like how girls would put on make-up; to enhance their features and to look different in their own way. Looking at it from a different perspective; tattoo is a way to express one’s identity and self-expression; it’s permanent art drawn to your body.

Surabaya based tattoo artist Arnaz is our #RevoltInPersona this January. Founder of Sankara Skinart Tattoo located in Pakuwon Trade Center, Arnaz is leaving a mark for himself in the tattoo scene of East Java.

As a self-taught tattooist, Arnaz has been tattooing since 2009 without being an apprenticeship. His introduction of tattoos grows from the style of old school tattoos, but after diving through the market - he dug deep to oriental and fine line works: styles of ornamental mandalas with geometric lines and angular shapes, colored or shaded in black and grey. Arnaz creates vignettes of exceptional details in microscopic versions. With high artistic creativity and abilities – he does it with such gentle hands.

Telling a story through visual representation, he has more than 2000 clients since the age of 20. Back when he was younger, he started his career as an event crew, graphic designer and mural artist. “In my early days, I was very into design and drawing, but never imagine myself pursuing a tattoo direction” said Arnaz.

One man show 24/7 through Sankara Skinart Tattoo, Arnaz does everything by himself. From appointments, sketches, drawings, consultations, social media & marketing; he is restless. Everything that he works revolves around him and his customer experience. He has a way of working with clients; making the original idea better than it was.

Winning multiple competitions in East Java, he aims to join Thailand Tattoo Convention in year’s time. "I look up to Xam & Flo Nuttall as a tattoo artists. I wanna learn and explore new techniques, also adding new machines" Arnaz said during out interview.

When you leave Arnaz, you would feel the same way we did about him. A very humble, passionate artist that does his work with determination. Give him some skin, you won't be disappointed.

Written by Juanita Inez
Photo by Agung D.K.
Graphic design by Burhan Poetra