Rei Jin

Inspired from the Japanese code of honors, The Rei Jin collection was named after the renowned Bushido codes. The codes translates to philosophy and system of believes that has governed the life of noble warriors and Samurai many centuries ago. It has been the way of warriors that emphasized devotion, honor, courage, skill in the martial arts, and loyalty above all else.

The word Rei translates to respect, and Jin means compassion.

Imbued with distinctive legacy of Japanese war spirit, The Rei Jin collection explores inspirations and designs by marrying the concept of history of war, fashion utility and leather. We released the special collection with three items: Holster, Mini Bag, and Saddle Bag.

Recollecting the legacy and memories of the Japanese war spirit and code of honors, this is our take on the indelible history.

Rei Jin Saddle Bag & Rei Jin Mini Sling Bag

When designing The Rei Jin Mini Sling Bag, we traveled back in time to the year 1870 taking place in the Japanese Samurai era.

Samurai has devoted themselves to Japanese material arts and has een widely famous for being a symbol of war. Passing down legacies showing chivalry, philosopies, loyalty and honour until death.

The Rei Jin Mini Sling Bag was inspired from the armors of The Japanese Samurai, Karuta. Armor of the Samurais are very elaborate; carefully arranged parts with immense details that serves a purpose on every small features.

Each individual armor parts of the suit has a name. When designing, we were heavy inspired by the construction and model of Sode: large rectangular shoulder protection with iron metal pieces layered upwards resulting in the design of the bag flap.

The style and attention to detail of the Samurai period in Japan has inspired us in so many ways creating the collection.

Rei Jin Holster

When designing The Rei Jin Holster, we took a step back to the period of 1939 – 1945 where World War II occurred.

During the second World War, The Japanese had a remarkable war spirit ethos. They deployed Kamikaze pilots: suicide bomber pilots that mobilized their aircrafts as a weapon and crashed into enemy ships.

It was and still a debate controversial history; where one would think it is a crazy brainwash act to win and save the nation. But looking at a different prespective, it reflects a portrait of patriotism, selflessnesss, bravery and necessity.

As part of their duty to protect and survive the war, these Kamikaze pilots would wear vest where they would store small items and rations for easy carry and quick movements during the intense measure. The Rei Jin Holster was inspired from the story of countless young Japanese Kamikaze pilots that did everything they could as it was a self-sacrifice for all.

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Article written by Juanita Inez
Concept by Stephen Panghegar, Burhan Poetra, Agung D.K. , Juanita Inez, Andrew Budianto
Photo by Agung D.K.
Graphic design by Burhan Poetra