Limited 7th Anniversary Collection

In celebration of Revolt Industry's 7th anniversary, releasing 9 new limited pieces inspired by the game of playing cards, chess, and dominoes. Available to purchase via website, no restock once item is sold out.

Playing Card Series

Playing Card Riding Gloves
Stand out and embrace the difference. A pair of riding gloves in two different colors: one black, one white.

Playing Card Medium Wallet and Chain
A wallet and a chain. Boasting a bold character worn together or apart, both are exceptional in their own way. Chain are made out of solid brass with structured details that represents the fin of the Orca Whale.

Playing Card Signet Ring
Made from 925 sterling silver featuring deep details of engraved king and queen illustration that will segue seamlessly to whatever style you express.


Chess Series

Chess Compact Zipper Wallet
Gathering symbolic design of the chess board, multiple details of molded squares are formed with a wet mold technique.

Chess Tote Bag

A medley of materials, motifs, and warm earthy colors represents the tote bag that was inspired from the game of chess. Involving patchwork that represents the squares and peppered details of sashiko stitching technique specifically placed to enhanced small details and proportions.

Chess Necklace
Inspired by the game of chess, strong iterations of square motifs and sharp angles were the main vocal point of the necklace. With details of hand carved constriction on the pendant, whole necklace is made out of 925 sterling silver.

Dominoes Series

Dominoes Sling Bag
Boasting a lively and playful euphoria, the octagon shaped sling bag is constructed with 8 tilted panels. The structured bag is refined in smooth oxblood pull up leather, making the bag a unique statement maker.

Dominoes Long Belt
A key reference for the long belt was from the game of dominoes. Details of decorative stitches with black and white color combination resulted in a playful versatility that can be styled at waist, or hip. It’s a perfect mix of bold, and playful style.

Dominoes Brooch
Inspired by the tile game of dominoes, the brooch is contrasted by the loose, adjustable chain length for a different styling. Made entirely from solid brass, 7 dots are engraved on the brooch which represents a lucky number that highlights Revolt Industry’s anniversary.

Article written by Juanita Inez
Concept by Juanita Inez, Faiz Auda, Agung D.K.
Photo & editing by Agung D.K.
Video & editing by Billie Tjie