Revolt Industry x Space Coffee Roastery

Introducing REVOLT INDUSTRY x Space Coffee Roastery
October 2019 limited edition collaboration onto upcycled leather bags, coffee accessories and beans.

Revolt Industry does not simply sell leather goods and Space Roastery does not simply sell coffee beans. Both have something in common; lifestyle, a brand that is appreciative towards natural, slow moving products and living that values the aspect fine craftsmanship. Using absolute natural products that mother nature would provide, both brands are strictly attentive towards the manufacturing process of their products.

Their journey began at the end of 2019's pandemic lockdown, where Revolt Industry and Space Roastery made contact and agreed on a amazing, one-of-a-kind collaboration. With quality in their minds and expertise in the things they are passionate about, they both had shared a twin vision.

Together the brands have created an exclusive product collaboration resulting in 3 items:

  • Revolt Industry x Space Roastery Tote Bag
    The idea comes from repurposing and transforming unwanted scraps from our workshops. Space Coffee Roastery brewed tons of coffee within a short-limited time resulting in many coffee sacks. Sacks that was once used to carry and transport coffee beans from across the country are now transformed to a one of a kind, unique up-cycled tote bag made from recycled coffee bean bag.
  • Tote bags are available in 2 different prints:
    - Macaw Parrot Tote Bag
    - Coffee Cherries Tote Bag

  • Revolt Industry x Space Roastery Leather Coaster Set
    Enjoying a cup of coffee was never just about drinking, it is a wholesome experience of process. The coffee plantation, the people, the places, the roasting technicalities, up to the brewing process, and finally enjoying a cup of it - it is beyond imagination how complex and intriguing the coffee experience is. For those who are in love with coffee, these lengthy process is a distinct magical process worth celebrating - and our set of coasters represents the celebration of coffee.

    We use an incredible buffalo leather in shade natural as the main material. As your coffee journey embarks, the coaster will record your trace, resulting in a very personal and unique pattern imitating your cup of coffee. With detailed cuts that we specifically made into three distinct symbols with hand painted strokes of vibrant colors, share deeper conversations and experience about coffee with your friends while enjoying your best cup of coffee served on top of the coaster.

    These symbols were stitched onto each coaster to represent a meaning of their own.
    • Farming Coaster
      We love coffee as much as we love mother nature. The symbol represents how nature has always provides us on heavenly treasures. Each coffee beans have gone through great lengths before it gets to you.

    • Process Coaster
      We all want to create a little more balance in our lives, it is an endless learning process. The symbol represents process of mix, growth, passion, improvement and opportunities to be balanced. Splash of blue represents water and brown reflects coffee. We never neglect the whole activity of natural process.

    • Experience Coaster
      Coffee was never the same for everybody, through different taste buds and heart it could serve a distinct purpose. For that we believe, it is a personal experience for everybody. The symbol represents a fingerprint where we made this coaster with you in our minds.

  • Revolt Industry x Space Roastery Rancabali Honey Coffee Beans
    Making a special comeback for Revolt Industry x Space Roastery, re-introducing Rancabali Honey.

    2017 was the last time Space Roastery released their honey processed Rancabali coffee, it was one of their best seller for its sweet and complex taste. A mix of vanilla with a unique malic acid such as apple, pear and banana. Combination of citric and malic acid with sweetness of cane sugar. You can smell cantaloupe, peach and nectarine in its aroma right after you brew it - with hints of tangerine entertaining your taste buds.

    We had no clue as to why it developed these traits, whether it’s because of our processor that got better, or our roasting method. But we don’t mind the changes as long as it is better. When you finished our Rancabali Honey, re-use this glass jar to store your selected beans for your next coffee adventure.

Products were released on 1st October 2019 in accordance of International Coffee Day.
All products are produced in a limited quantity and will not be re-stocked
All products are hand-made and hand-stitched
All products are made with a conscience

About Space Coffee Roastery:
Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Space Coffee Roastery reflects a movement away from the colonial times in Indonesia. The brand has been focusing to improve the quality of coffee in Indonesia, as it has always been a product of past colonialism. The focal point that they strive for is for home brewers and habitual drinkers to enjoy a delicious, high quality coffee every day. Space Coffee Roastery believes that every Indonesian home should have a space of their own to brew and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Their goal is to encourage local Indonesians to drink coffee.
To know more about Space Coffee Roastery:

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Article written by Juanita Inez
Concept by Burhan Poetra, Agung D.K. , Juanita Inez
Photo & video by Agung D.K.
Graphic design by Burhan Poetra

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