Revolt Industry x Kana Goods

Two brands, two visions but one mutual goal and shared passion in process & craft.
Introducing our limited collection with KANA GOODS.

The coffee we sipped that night in a big mall loading area in Jakarta was the last thing we enjoyed before the unplanned meeting with Sancaya Rini of Kana Goods. That encounter in 2016 birthed the idea of collaboration of two brands who share same values: originality, hand craftsmanship and passion.

The small talks evolved into a serious notion: to product a collaborative series to express the values we share. The notion evolved into detailed ideas and sketches, leading into endless discussions and file uploads. The sketches evolved into a series of process.

There are distinct differences between totally handcrafted products and the non-handcrafted products. They are more expressive, and true by the process. Mastery comes after dedication and time. We do what we do for years and still lost in each adventure of craftsmanship.

We only believe in the purest method mankind ever do since the beginning: a total handmade process. A constant effort, not only making products, but also self-improvement and self-inspiring. The process took weeks of designing, dozens of samples for each design, days for every fabric indigo dyeing, and long hours of leather punching & hand-stitching.

The collaborative goods are simply designed and made with heart and the vision of prodiving items to be a true partner for people to stand out to the crowd. Goods that meant to be the right tool to express inner-values. Values of craftsmanship and people-to-people product.

  • Tote Bag

    A modern millennial life means only go home when the sun already set (or even later). The bag is dedicated for those who is more than productive: still needing the extra space for even a laptop after the artsy looks.
    Made from various selected indigo-dyed fabrics along with the full grain leather, the Sashiko-inspired Tote Bag will surely be a good friend.

  • Sling Bag

    Inspired by the bag in the story of David versus Goliath. A sling bag of David’s functioning as a very simple utility bag for the shepherd to bring their pebbles for their slingshots. The bag is designed as a strong expression of a simplicity and modesty can defeat bigger obstacle.

  • Key Wallet
    The shape of the design is so enjoyable and representative for us. We spiced things up: adding indigo dyeing into the design. Only vegetable tanned leather can absorb dyeing ingredients like indigo, and the inner Batik completes it all.

We are highly excited about this collaboration, not only because of our partner KANA Goods, but we also see it as a challenge to combine such two materials - indigo-dyed fabric and our signature hand-sewn leather.

We put a high respect for KANA Goods with is their vision of doing things: quality-oriented, originality, and sincerity. Handled by the owner herself they have dedicated lots of year simply to enjoy the mystery of indigo fabrics: a total guarantee for special result.

Written by Athina Leung
Edited by Juanita Inez
Photo & video by Agung D.K.
Graphic design by Tommy A Steven & Agung D.K

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