PlayYourRole 2021 Warung Deborah

Traditionally, our elders are very reserved with their affection, but not Mbah Sum towards her 2 grandchildren. Raising them alone at the age of 61, she opened a small warung in front of her rented room to support their life.

Casted out from her local government’s help because of her religion, she is known by the name of Mbah Kristen in her neighborhood. A lot of times at how much life challenged her, she fights back stronger than before.

Thanks to everyone who has been participating on #PlayYourRole campaign, we got to help Mbah Sum, Resa and Steve. Her old stall was transformed, we gave her stock of goods to sell, and most importantly an act of flame to lift her fighting spirit.


Article written by Juanita Inez
Concept by Juanita Inez, Stephen Panghegar, Agung D.K., Faiz Auda
Photo by Navid Alhusna
Video & editing by Billie Tjie
Graphic design by Juanita Inez, Francisca Danna