PlayYourRole 2021 Warung Mama Yundi

Near UBAYA University in Surabaya, there's a humble warung called Warung Mama Yundi, famous for it's home cooked Indonesian dish served with genuine love by Mbak Yundi herself. The warung is her family's only income since 2013 covering the life of her 5 family members: Yayan the eldest son who has autism spectrum, Hanum who helps the warung 6 days a week, and 5 year old Arjuna the youngest. Cak Bas the husband is in charge of cooking the meals at home ever since he got diagnosed with stroke, while Mbak Yundi sells at her warung with the help of Hanum & Yayan.

Because of your support, the first project of #PlayYourRole campaign goes to Warung Mama Yundi. We renovated her warung, replaced old appliances with new ones to give a fresh breath to the stall. We designed her a new logo, added new menu, and replaced the warung tent with a well built material. Stronger spirit was planted for her and her beloved warung.

Thanks to you, we got to buy and clear all of her dish in one day resulting in 100 meal of nasi bungkus. With the help of our friends from the fixed gear team, 15 members including @arief_blingsatan and @bagusbfgs we got to share Mbak Yundi's dish to Kampung Baru, located in Jagir area Surabaya.

#PlayYourRole happened because of you. Throughout the campaign, 17% of your purchase will be donated through this kind of direct social act. As a token of appreciation, for every minimum purchase of IDR 450k you will get a limited pin. Free shipping for your purchase via website. Let’s continue #PlayYourRole campaign for next week! Our hearts are full, thank you for choosing to share your happiness with others. Campaign ends in 31st August 2021.

Special shout out to @billietije for the video and @tommyasteven for the logo!


Article written by Juanita Inez
Concept by Juanita Inez, Stephen Panghegar, Agung D.K., Faiz Auda
Photo by Navid Alhusna
Video & editing by Billie Tjie
Graphic design by Juanita Inez, Francisca Danna