Marhaban Ya Rebellion - Trans woman, Feby

#MarhabanYaRebellion symbolize that the holy month of Ramadan is never exclusive.

It is a celebration uniting people of society with different backgrounds, interests, and stories through series of unexpected photographs.

Presenting Feby Damayanti, a Trans woman.

Feby, 38 years old.Transgender activist, make-up artist & singer in Surabaya.

Feby has been constantly outspoken, visible and acting towards educating transgender matters.

Proud of who she is, Feby is part of a force behind @perwakos, self-sustained NGO who continues to fight against inequalities, stigmatization, discrimination, rights to freedom, safety and equality.

Through numerous social acts seen or unseen - big and small, she is there to help with a fist raised in solidarity and a listening ear to the marginalized transgender community.

“Ramadan should not be the only moment to spread kindness, patience, empathy, humanity and love. Share them always.“

The real question that we should ask ourselves: why do we need to treat people differently because of their identity?