Marhaban Ya Rebellion - Punk, Sionk

#MarhabanYaRebellion symbolize that the holy month of Ramadan is never exclusive.

It is a celebration uniting people of society with different backgrounds, interests, and stories through series of unexpected photographs.

Presenting Sionk, a punk.

What does Punk mean to you? Does it reflect the connotation of anarchy? Punk is so much more than that. Punk is also beyond music and style of clothing. For Sionk, it is a lifestyle.

Living the punk lifestyle since 2002, now at the age of 26 Sionk is content with his life. “Punk taught me lots of things I could never imagine. It gave me the freedom of self expression.” Says Sionk during our interview. “I feel no pressure, I’m very comfortable in life right now.”

“I’m able to become my whole self within the punk community. For me, the community has been extremely supportive towards my development.” Sionk continues. “The do-it-your-self culture has stretched me: from getting a job as a barber, playing instruments from bass, drum, guitar to doing art.”

“Ramadan is a celebration of individual freedom without judgment.”