Marhaban Ya Rebellion - Gay Man, Ciprut

#MarhabanYaRebellion symbolize that the holy month of Ramadan is never exclusive.

It is a celebration uniting people of society with different backgrounds, interests, and stories through series of unexpected photographs.

Presenting M. Teuku Firman, a gay man.

Nobody wants to live life in secret and to be someone you are not. To be who we really are is a basic human need. Feeling jaded about our own selves is the last thing that we all want to happen in our life.

At 19 years old, Ciprut has finally came out of the closet. He has always been honest and are at peace with his identity, even though some of his relatives does not.

“We are all humans, why should we look down on one and another? Tolerance is one of my biggest value in life.” Says Ciprut.“For me, Ramadan is a celebration of honesty of being at peace with your true self.”