Marhaban Ya Rebellion - Expat, Tina

#MarhabanYaRebellion symbolize that the holy month of Ramadan is never exclusive.

It is a celebration uniting people of society with different backgrounds, interests, and stories through series of unexpected photographs.

Presenting Tina, an expat.

Originally from France, Tina has lived in Indonesia for more than 7 years. She now resides in Pacitan with her little family managing a homestay. Highly fluent in speaking Bahasa Indonesia, Tina lived like a true local and dipped herself into Indonesian culture.

As a gesture of respect towards the culture and traditions, it has been 7 years since Tina joined fasting during Ramadan season.

“I respect the Muslim culture & traditions. For 7 years I joined fasting because it feels like a personal challenge & celebration. Now, it’s been 2 years since my eldest daughter joined the tradition too.”

Developing your understanding of other cultures lets you have more meaningful interactions with those around you. You’re building respect and empathy for other people, and celebrating differences as well as similarities, just like Tina.