Marhaban Ya Rebellion - Catholic Priest, Father Paulus Febrianto

#MarhabanYaRebellion symbolize that the holy month of Ramadan is never exclusive.

It is a celebration uniting people of society with different backgrounds, interests, and stories through series of unexpected photographs.

Presenting Father Paulus Febrianto, a Catholic priest.

Father Paulus Febrianto, a devoted Catholic priest has been serving the church for 9 years.

It was his calling to become a priest as he sees the role of a good shepherd.

As humans, we are deeply attached to the worldly pleasures. We are attached to our status, power and posessions as it gives us momentary happiness. Just like the fasting during Easter, the season of Ramadan reminds us to de-attach from any worldly pleasures.

Islam & Catholic bot practice a fasting period as a sacred tradition – Islam during Ramadan & Catholics during pre-Easter. “Fasting in Islam & Catholics symbolize mati raga (mortification of the body). By abstaining from temporary worldly pleasures, this similarity invites us to support each other with deeper respect, understanding and compassion. Mati raga is a symbol for all of us to see others as human beings.”