We all know just how shitty 2020 was. It’s no old news that it’s because of COVID-19.

In just a short number of weeks since early 2020; people have shifted into protection mode. It was all about surviving; they focused on themselves, their families, and their communities. The New Normal rule has kept everyone at home; minimizing social contact – healthy & safety concern is still everyone’s priority.

COVID-19 is killing people as well as attacking the real economy at its core – trade, supply chain, businesses, jobs; companies are struggling to stay in business and to stay afloat. As a way to survive, we were doing everything we could during the COVID-19 pandemic breakout. As a brand with a growing family of 50 members, we also dealt with the hardship and relentlessly try to fight the pandemic in our own way.

#CoFight19 campaign stands for Communal Fight Against COVID-19. The campaign was meant to symbolize our will of not giving up and to validate our implementation of our way to fight.

During these uncertain times after COVID-19 hits, as a brand we reflected on what can we do to support the community during these hard times. It was not a question of “how can we sell more?” – but more about “how can we help and support others?”

More than ever, we need solidarity and hope to pass through this pandemic together. We decided to work together with Garda Pangan; a famous non-profit food bank in Surabaya to help those who are in need and affected during the pandemic. We worked together hand in hand since for 6 months from March up to August 2020. All 10% sales from Revolt Industry including custom design orders were donated.

During those times, we also had a charity auction that all proceeds to Garda Pangan. We auctioned a limited illustration edition of Trucker Wallet III in natural buffalo leather. It was sold for IDR 4,650,000 which equals to 310 meals for the ones in need.

During April on our #CoFight19 campaign, we continue our act towards our movement by releasing 2 new products; facemask & stainless mist sprayer. By the release of these products, we meant to express our perspective on how we should contribute to the fight: confidence, hope, love, productivity and the harmony of mental & physical health.

Maybe COVID-19 is here to teach all of us a lesson. Everyone should help each other in this world. Strangers hand in hand fighting. Keeping the spirit in flame.

Know more about Garda Pangan, visit:

Article written by Juanita Inez
Concept by Stephen Panghegar, Burhan Poetra, Agung D.K. , Juanita Inez
Photo by Agung D.K.
Video & editing by Billie Tjie
Graphic design by Burhan Poetra